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Mystery Box 2023 (Christmas Edition)


Get the chance to receive one of our last Mystery Boxes ever, only available until supplies last!

Q: What can I expect from this Mystery Box?

A: This Mystery Box is the perfect product for everyone who is tired of the regular products like Booster Displays and wants to experience something unpredictable, that you normally do not get with standard products. A big stack of Orica cards is included as well.

Q: Does every Mystery Box contain the same products?

A: No, this Mystery Box offers a wide variety of different products while keeping every box filled up to a certain minimum value, meaning that you will receive more value than the total cost of the box if you would have bought every item separately.

Some boxes will contain bonus items as well, which are being added in addition to the minimum product value of each box!

About Oricashop

Waifuworld (formely Oricashop) offers a wide range of Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game products like Sleeves, Playmats, Single Cards & Sets as well as Figures, Deck Boxes, Collection Binders and more. We specialize in Custom-made Cards (Orica Cards).

If you are looking for matching accessories like sleeves (card covers), albums or game mats of all different kinds, you have come to the right place.

Most of our Custom Cards are Holo, but you may find some Non-Holo (Common Rarity) cards as well. We tend to reprint popular cards in holographic rarity if we find that there is enough demand for them.

  • Our Anime-Style Cards will let every long-time Yugioh fan feel nostalgia like never before! Collect the most iconic cards for your collection or play with ready-to-play Anime Decks. These Decks only include cards that were actually played in the series, while still trying to make them somehow playable (which was quite challenging, considering how old most of these strategies are).
  • Proxy Cards are a simple way for you to get Alternative-Art (Full-Art) versions of the most played cards in the current metagame like Accesscode Talker or Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer. We also offer Deck Testing Kits with everything you need to test out new strategies for an affordable price.
  • Other Franchise Cards are completely new types of cards. They combine existing shows like Dragonball or Bleach with the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game to create a completely new way to play the game! These cards & decks are made to be extremely fierce against any deck, even current meta-level archetypes.
  • Browse through the store and discover a wide range of additional styles of cards like Full-Art, Alternative Art, Toon and even Golden Metal cards!

Our store is filled with iconic monsters like Dark Magician & Dark Magician Girl, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Exodia and the 3 God Cards, but also posters, figures from official suppliers, and many other merchandise products. Some products may be hard to get in your specific country.

For this, we offer worldwide shipping for most products, please refer to our shipping information page for more details. If you encounter a product that is not able to be shipped to your country, just contact us directly and we will calculate the shipping charges for you!

Through our work with many artists, we can offer you a large selection of custom designed Playmats and Sleeves. Find your own style for your deck with unique Artworks like Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon, Cyber Dragon, Egyptian Millennium Style or Toon Exodia Sleeves.

Our Playmats will let you find your dream Waifu or monster archetype with ease. With fan favorites like I:P Masquerena, Red Eyes Dark Dragoon or Swordsoul Mo Ye, you will surely find a design for your needs.

You would like to print your own design instead? We are currently working on making it possible to print playmats and cards with customer-submitted designs. More on that soon…